The Armorflex quest for safer roads started out in 1997 as a distributer of proprietary and general roadside safety hardware in New Zealand. Most products were sourced from overseas and this served as the core business function for a couple of years. However due to a growing industry knowledge acquired during this time and a corresponding passion in road safety, this sales focus soon changed. Armorflex moved into barrier design and crash testing with the goal of being able to supply its own products.

In 2004 the X-350 (X-Tension™) was the first NCHRP 350 compliant product to emerge from Armorflex and was the only w-beam terminal end in the world to be fully re-directive. This innovative terminal end is now used around the globe and viewed as the premium product to use when anchoring and protecting w-beam guardrail.

In the years to follow Armorflex created a range of innovative products including the RAPTOR™, ArmorZone™, Orion™, Nu-Guard™ and Armorwire (Sentryline II) systems. Also during this time Armorflex made the decision to leave the New Zealand domestic market entirely and concentrate on becoming an internationally recognised designer of safety products. In order to focus on this and expand the current catalogue of products, it has been necessary to appoint a global network of distributors for the Armorflex product range.

The Armorflex philosophy to date has simply been that new products must be lower cost, higher performing and be easier to install. Based on this, Armorflex continues to raise the bar and the product range can be found in roadside safety hardware markets around the world.



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    Armorwire TL-4

    Armorwire 4 cable barrier can be used in  both roadside and median applications. image Read More
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    Nu-guard 31 Median TL-4

    Nu-Guard™ 31 is a narrow back to back w-beam guardrail barrier for use in median applications. image Read More
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    ARMORZONE™ TL-2 / N1

    ArmorZone™  is a high performing water-filled barrier designed for workzone protection image Read More

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    RAPTOR™ TL-1

    RAPTOR™ crash cushions reduce the severity of vehicle impacts with poles and trees. image Read More



To: All Armorflex International Partners
RE: Armorflex International Acquisition

Dear Armorflex International Partners:

Over the past sixteen years, our business has designed, tested and brought to market the innovative range of roadside hardware products that have earned Armorflex International Ltd a reputation for products with high performance, low cost and, more importantly, an improvement to roadside safety. However, as a small New Zealand based company, we reached that stage in growth where we have taken it as far as we can and it is time for Armorflex International Ltd to become part of a much larger organization with the resources and skills necessary to take the products to market on a truly global scale.

Valmont Industries share our vision of providing high performance roadside hardware products globally, and accordingly have purchased in its entirety, Armorflex International ltd and the range of products that it has developed. There is no doubt that with Valmont’s experience in global infrastructure there is an exciting future for not only Armorflex, but also the distributors and people who are the most important part of making these products such a success.

A new General Manager, Leigh Brown has been appointed. Leigh is very experienced within the industry and looking forward to the fresh challenges involved with growing a business on a truly global scale. Todd Barth, Senior VP Global Marketing and Business Development will also be assisting the transition and integration of Valmont Highway Technology. With regards to points of contact for our market regions, they will remain the same: Brendon Morgan (Middle East and North America); Armando Morles (South America, South Africa) and Steve Johnson (Asia).

As the former Managing Director of Armorflex International Ltd, I would like to personally thank you for working with us, an experience that has been enormously satisfying and more importantly to me, a lot of fun. Please give me a call if you have any questions.

Yours Sincerely,                                   Yours Sincerely,                                    Yours Sincerely,

Dallas James                                         Leigh Brown                                          Todd Barth
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